Mulick Construction and Design, Inc.

Mulick Construction and Design, Inc. Services
We can offer complete design and engineering packages for your project. These services are offered free as a part of the construction process.  They include designing and blue printing and coordinating and submitting to the building department and other government agencies.  We also offer a free "budget estimating" service.  If you have a project in mind, we can estimate the approximate costs to build the project, before you go forward with the expense of design and engineering.  And of course, we offer ourselves as consultants to those who prefer to contract their projects themselves.
With a proper set of plans, costs can be controlled.  A complete set of plans will save you ten times the acutal cost of the design process by eliminating questions and assigning specific guidelines for the use of materials and labor.  The most common reason for project cost over-runs is a lack of planning.  Construction is a very expensive process, so it should be managed and controlled by investing in a complete set of plans.
Our journey began in the mid 1970's with electronics training in the United States Air Force, followed by college majoring in business and architectural design.  On the job training developing and building custom homes in Hidden Hills led to the aquisition of a General Building Contractor's License in 1978.  In the mid 80's, we were building and managing industrial projects, and started our solar electric division in the early 2000's.  With that kind of diversity, you can trust that we can help you with the services listed below:
We can manage all aspects if a construction project, including residential, commercial and industrial construction.  We use a standard form AIA contract and we are paid as work is completed.  Our extensive list of quality sub-contractors and material supply companies gives us the versitility to build projects on a competative basis, while also offering the highest quality in material and workmanship.  Part of a successful job includes the paperwork in the form of proper contracts and obtaining lien releases and other documentation throughout the construction process.  With proper administration, the project will run more effciently and will come in on budget.